Mackenyu Maeda

Mackenyu MaedaMackenyu Maeda is a rising star in Japan, and has been fielding offers and accumulating roles since completing work on his first U.S feature film, Take a Chance. In Take a Chance, Mackenyu not only played the lead role of “Masa,” but he acted for the first time alongside his father, legendary action star Sonny Chiba.

He currently has recurring roles in two nationally broadcast television series. He also has various film projects in production and scheduled for release in the near future. In Japan he is known for The Kindergarten Detective (2015), Tadaima (2015), and Yonimo kimyo na monogatari (2014).

Sonny has undoubtedly been a major figure and ongoing influence in the worldwide passion for martial arts movies, and he continues to actively contribute to the genre by encouraging and training young hopefuls seeking to make their mark on screen. The feature film, Take a Chance, was particularly thrilling for Chiba as he acted alongside his son, Mackenyu Maeda, now a rising screen star in Japan.

A highly skilled martial artist, Mackenyu’s screen presence is undeniable, and with his attention to detail and as actor, he has already embarked on a long future as a leading man. He is known as “Ikemen” (“Heartthrob”) all over Japan by his adoring teenage female fans.

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