scott-perkinsScott is the Producer of Take a Chance, and is the founder of Crossing Hollow Films, a Southeastern based film Production Company with offices in Birmingham, AL and Los Angeles, CA. Scott’s primary mission is to tell stories that address core issues people deal with in their everyday lives. Real situations, real temptations, real problems…and the hope that can arise out of places we oftentimes feel we can’t escape. He is a graduate of the University of Alabama with a degree in business marketing. Having worked much of his career with industry giants such as IBM, General Electric, and Royal Bank of Canada, he brings a business minded perspective into the new era of digital film making. Captivated after reading the book, Uchi Dechi in America, he contacted author Shihan Oyama about making the book into a motion picture. Scott felt the true story of a wayward Japanese teen coming to America and studying ancient methods of Japanese Martial Arts was exceptional, and one that audiences would find interesting.

He said, “So many teens today struggle with a lack of focus and end up in an aimless life without purpose, never having discovered themselves. Much of this dilemma stems from a lack of focus, drive, and determination. This story is a true example of a teen who faced similar circumstances, but found a purpose in
life through hard work and dedication that propelled him into a successful career and lifestyle. From my personal experience, and also being a father of four teenagers, this was a story I couldn’t resist.” Previously, Scott produced The Cross and The Towers, a story about hope in the midst of the devastation at Ground Zero following the events that took place in the days and months after the September 11 World Trade Center attacks. This documentary film received numerous awards from the West Palm Beach, Gloria, Crystal Heart, and Heartland Film Festivals, and is currently being distributed worldwide. Also, this project led the way for the formation of The Cross and The Towers Charity, which seeks to help people who are facing and struggling with difficult life circumstances.

In addition, Scott produced the award-winning thriller Awakened, which is being released and distributed in 2015. Awakened is a story about a newspaper reporter who, having lost his job, discovers an old audio recording of a 1960’s blues singer. Through a series of twisted events, he becomes enthralled with what he believes is the singer’s spirit, only to find out later that it is actually a haunting demonic force. The story unveils a malicious plot to destroy both the reporter and his wife. However, the faith of one helps restore the unraveled condition of another.